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    JD Payne

    Chief Engineer

    About JD Payne

    JD Payne serves as Chief Engineer for Fairlead Commercial Real Estate at Embassy Row, a 667,000 sf Class A commercial office park in Atlanta, GA. Mr. Payne entered the commercial real estate industry in 1991 as an electrician at The Terraces for Taylor and Mathis. In 1994 Mr. Payne became an engineer at Central Park where he later became a Senior Engineer. JD then moved on to more Chief Engineer roles in the Atlanta area.

    Mr. Payne has received a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Georgia State University and has met the course requirements at Chattahoochee Technical College for Associate of Arts degrees in both HVAC Technology and Electrical Technology. Mr. Payne is also a certified universal refrigerant technician.

    JD Payne is a long time resident of Atlanta, GA. JD and his wife have been married for 32 years and have a 24 year old son.

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    Derek Allen

    Lead Engineer

    About Derek Allen

    Derek Allen servers as Lead Building Engineer for Fairleads Suburban Atlanta properties. Derek brings over 22 years of experience in the engineering field to the Fairlead Team.

    Derek is responsible for overseeing building operations and tenant request. Mr. Allen is a certified and highly trained engineer in the fields of basic electrical infrastructure, HVAC, and plumbing. Mr. Allen is also certified in Environmental Protection. Prior to joining Fairlead, Derek served as Lead Engineer for CBRE and Accesso Services.

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    Xavier Akridge

    Building Engineer

    About Xavier Akridge

    Xavier Akridge serves as a building engineer for Fairlead Commercial Real Estate’s Atlanta properties. Xavier provides daily maintenance for all plumbing, electrical, and HVAC components. Xavier works directly with tenants maintaining work order requests and interacting with vendors to make sure services are done in a timely and satisfactory fashion. Mr. Akridge brings over 17 years of experience in building maintenance field to the Fairlead team.

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    Todd Mohr

    Chief Engineer

    About Todd Mohr

    Todd Mohr serves as Chief Building Engineer for Fairlead’s Tampa properties. Todd brings over 28 years experience in the facilities maintenance and construction fields.

    Todd is well versed in all areas of maintenance including HVAC, electrical, plumbing and water treatment. In addition to building maintenance initiatives, Todd works with vendors while addressing the day to day task as related to all aspects of building tenant needs.

    Todd is a lifelong resident of Tampa, having worked in a numerous Class A properties from Tampa to St. Petersburg.

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    Tony Hancox

    Chief Engineer

    About Tony Hancox

    Mr. Hancox currently holds the position of Chief Engineer for Fairlead Commercial Real Estate at Parkway Center, a 460,000 square foot, Class A commercial office property in Marietta Georgia. Mr. Hancox is responsible for the daily oversight of two building engineers on all aspects of property operations, maintenance and capital expenditures. He is responsible for the coordination of all code-required inspections and maintenance for all building systems, including but not limited to electrical distribution, central plant operations, fire and life safety systems and emergency power generation. Mr. Hancox also oversees building equipment and systems upgrades to enhance asset preservation while reducing energy cost/consumption, and extending the useful life and integrity of the systems and equipment of the properties. Mr. Hancox develops, implements and monitors the property preventive maintenance programs to encompass all aspects of the property equipment, systems and a diverse tenant base. Tony is also responsible for the establishment and oversight of the yearly engineering and capital budgets.

    Mr. Hancox is a member of the Georgia chapter of Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) and holds Systems Maintenance Technician (SMT®) and Systems Maintenance Administrator (SMA®) designations through BOMI. Tony is a member of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and a charter member of the Atlanta chapter of the American Chief Engineers Society (ACES). In addition, Mr. Hancox holds a Stationary Engineering License from The National Institute for the Uniform Licensing of Power Engineers (NIUPLE), a Class 1, 2 and 3 Certificate of Authority from the Department of Labor, a Universal CFC license from Ferris State University, a Certified Pressure Vessel Technician certification through Lochinvar, and a pool/spa operator certification through the National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF).

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    Building Engineer


    Mr. Jackson serves as Building Engineer for a multiple properties within the Fairlead portfolio. He provides day-to-day management and maintenance of all mechanical, electrical, plumbing and life safety systems for the properties. He interfaces with tenants to resolve any maintenance related requests and coordinates with tenants to reduce the impact of any building maintenance repairs.

    Mr. Jackson holds Siemen’s Trane and Georgia Power Energy Solution certification and is certified on Type I and Type III HVAC systems.

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    Stephen Flores

    Senior Building Engineer

    About Stephen Flores

    Mr. Stephen Flores serves as the Senior Building Engineer for Fairlead’s assets in Jacksonville, Florida. With over 17 years of commercial real estate operations experience, Mr. Flores delivers quality management and oversight of all aspects of building system operations and maintenance for this three-building, multi-tenant Jacksonville portfolio. He works in symphony with the property managers to minimize expenses and maximize profitability by competitively bidding service contracts and completing proactive quality checks on all building systems.

    Mr. Flores has successfully developed extraordinary rapport with this asset’s vendors, contractor and tenants. These important relationships assist in his ability to negotiate contracts, as well as increase tenant satisfaction.

    A proud Veteran of the United States Navy, Mr. Flores’ education includes instruction in design, operation, and maintenance of commercial building systems, facilities planning and project management as well as environmental health and safety regulations

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    Hiawatha Fisher

    Building Engineer

    About Hiawatha Fisher

    Hiawatha Fisher serves as a Building Engineer for Parkway Center, a 460,000 square foot Class A commercial office property in Marietta, GA. Mr. Fisher is responsible for overseeing daily building systems operations at the property, responding to tenant service requests and interacting with vendors for service to the property.

    Prior to joining Fairlead, Mr. Fisher was a building engineer for Jones Lang LaSalle at Parkway Center. Hiawatha has 25 years of experience in a commercial property setting and is proficient in HVAC operations, electrical systems, plumbing, fire/life safety equipment, and energy management systems. Mr. Fisher prides himself on his strong customer service skills that strengthen both tenant and vendor relationships.

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    Richard Chaney

    Building Engineer

    About Richard Chaney

    Richard Chaney serves as Maintenance Technician for Parkway Center, a 460,000 square foot Class A commercial office property in Marietta, GA. Mr. Chaney is responsible for plumbing, electrical and general maintenance at the property, timely and efficient completion of preventive maintenance and inventory control of general supplies.

    Prior to joining Fairlead, Mr. Chaney served as Maintenance Technician for Jones Lang LaSalle at Parkway Center. Richard’s many years of service to Parkway Center and his strong customer service skills ensures both tenant and vendor needs are continuously met in a timely manner.

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    Derek Brooks

    Senior Building Engineer

    About Derek Brooks

    Derek Brooks serves as Senior Building Engineer for Fairview Center One and Two in Charlotte, North Carolina. He brings over 20 years of experience in engineering commercial office buildings to the Fairlead team. Fairview Center One is a 7 story office building built in 1984. Fairview Center Two is a 4 story office building built in 1968. Both buildings are located in the South Park area of Charlotte North Carolina.

    Mr. Brooks is responsible for overseeing building operations, control systems and tenant requests. Mr. Brooks has developed great relationships with Fairview Center’s vendors, contractors and tenants resulting in effective building management and tenant relations.

    Prior to joining Fairlead, Mr. Brooks, worked for JLL and CBRE as Chief Engineer where he maintained multiple office buildings and data centers. Mr. Brooks is a 10-year active duty veteran of the US Air Force and is involved with the Disabled American Veterans organization and a Supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project.

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    Phil Tomes

    Building Engineer

    About Phil Tomes

    Mr. Tomes serves as a Building Engineer for Embassy Row in Atlanta, Ga. His responsibilities include providing daily monitoring of the property electrical, mechanical, plumbing, carpentry, and tenant related issues.

    Mr. Tomes interacts daily with his team as well as tenants and vendors to create a high level of professional and customer service. Mr. Tomes brings 30 years of experience in the fields of electrical, engineering, and construction to the building ensuring tenant satisfaction.

    Mr. Tomes holds an unrestricted electrical contractor license, a universal refrigeration license, Cisco Certificate from Lanier Technology College, and a NIULPE Fourth Class License

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    Moises Rodriguez

    Building Engineer

    About Moises Rodriguez

    Moises Rodriguez serves as building engineer for Fairlead’s Fifth Third Center in Tampa, Florida. Along with day to day building daily, he is responsible for maintaining numerous maintenance requests and works directly with tenants specific needs for HVAC, plumbing, electrical, lighting, fire control, and life and safety equipment.

    Mr. Rodriguez is a native from Cuba and has worked his way up in the facilities management field starting in the industry in 2004. Mr. Rodriguez is an EPA certified Universal Technician and is certified in the safe handling of R-410A.

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    Rick Pomales

    Building Engineer

    About Rick Pomales

    Mr. Polames serves as a Building Engineer for Fairlead’s Westshore asset in Tampa, Florida. Mr. Polames directly deals with day to day issues including HVAC, electrical, plumbing, fire control, and life safety equipment. He is responsible for maintaining numerous maintenance requests and works directly with tenant specific requests.

    Mr. Polames began his career as a building engineer in the early 1990’s and has been an EPA certified Universal Technician since October, 2010. He was awarded recognition as a key player with B.O.M.A for Building of the year.

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    Larry Boyd

    Building Engineer

    About Larry Boyd

    Mr. Larry A. Boyd serves as Building Engineer for Fairlead’s Sabal VI asset in Tampa, Florida. He provides daily monitoring of the property’s mechanical, plumbing, electrical and life safety systems. He interacts with tenants and property managers to insure the best overall building maintenance.

    Prior to Sabal VI, Mr. Larry A. Boyd served as the Building Engineer for another Fairlead asset, Fifth Third Center, a 281,187 square foot, high-rise office building in Tampa, Florida for over 14 years. With greater than 35 years in facilities experience he is an EPA certified Universal Technician and is trained in water and waste management.